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‘Goldilocks’ Galaxy: Scientists estimate 8.8 billion planets ‘just right’ for life

Spinning in the vast, spiraling Milky Way are billions of planets similar in size and temperature to Earth in what astronomers have dubbed the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – not too hot, not too cold, but just the right size for life to evolve.
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'We are legion!' Anonymous allies stand up against corruption in global march

Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks to mark their support of the Anonymous hactivist movement are staging protests all around the world on Tuesday. The self-styled legion of activists is opposing corporate and government corruption.
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Anonymous prepares for ‘Million Mask March’ protests around the world

Rallies are expected to soon occur around the globe as protesters aligned with the hacktivist movement Anonymous prepare for mass demonstrations scheduled for Tuesday in hundreds of cities from Sydney to Seattle.
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Asylum hell: Italy struggles to deal with migrant influx

As Italy reels from its worst economic crisis in 60 years and unemployment continues to soar, migrants arriving in search of a better life are instead finding disappointment and squalor.
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A must-see: Rare solar eclipse sweeps across the world

A rare "hybrid" solar eclipse, hailed as "the most interesting eclipse of the year", has swept across parts of Africa, America and Europe on Sunday.
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