Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Mind Control

We all need to be admired. We all want to be cherished. When we dream of being in better places or having better lifestyles or even buying new gadgets – we are essentially seeking happiness. That is what our core/ultimate goal is. We are trying to achieve happiness.

If we take the example of ‘dreaming of better places’ – our subconscious suggests that to feel worthy we must be in a better place where you can affirm that those around you can be trusted. But essentially what is trust? How do others give their trust to you? Usually our conscious mind will say ‘You must work towards it. Trust must be earned. To have trust, you must give trust’. But that’s not what the subconscious is after. Our subconscious wants trust from our environment without us really working towards it. It must be an unconditional trust regardless of our pitfalls. It shouldn't be judgmental based on ones actions. The subconscious doesn't want anyone to judge you negatively. It just wants you to be socially accepted and society to be supportive of you with your tasks – without you even asking for it. If the subconscious affirms that you are surrounded by such an environment then it can let its guard down. That’s the trust the subconscious is really seeking. 

The subconscious is the core seat of where thought is emanated from (what we call perceptions, opinions, ideas etc.). It is the nuclei of the soul. It is the castles we build for our world after. It is these thoughts (and variations thereof) that we visit in our dreams and carry with us, once our bodily creations seize to exist. Our subconscious has a contract with us to protect these views at all costs. Our views are considered to be the core essence of our soul. It thus builds several walls around our thoughts and perceptions. These walls are good defense mechanisms based on past experiences that have hurt us one way or the other. By its very paranoid nature, the subconscious is too frail and therefore would not let its guard down. It takes many lifetimes to even identify what the defensive walls are and bring down these walls without getting hurt. Thus we linger within the confines of these walls, with our fears turning to phobias, mistrust, fear of anything (strangers, racism etc.). But it is the very frailty of the subconscious that makes it open to suggestive thought that can be used to fix any incorrect perceptions that may have been created. That is, if we have a mechanism to get past the protective defensive walls around the subconscious. 

This is where the importance of neuro-linguistic programming (nlp) and hypnosis comes in. This is the single most effective and potent tool one can possess to succeed in life. Neuro-linguistic programming allows suggestive thought to infiltrate the subconscious by giving it what it wants. It provides concurrence and affirmations to what the subconscious is after. Once the subconscious mind finds that an unconditional acceptance to the individual’s perceptions has been met, it becomes more receptive towards what is being suggested. It lets its guard down allowing the suggestion to bypass the defense mechanisms in place and place the thought into the core of the subconscious. 

Although the so-called institutions trash Nlp as pseudo-science, it is very much being used today. Unfortunately the majority of those in power use it mostly for exploiting their selfish multinational-corporate/institutional agenda rather than allowing the common masses to learn for their self-development. Perhaps you can find it in your television sets – in the news anchor reading your daily news ensuring your mind aligns with the official narrative by using selective words. Perhaps you can find it in the latest Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster movie ensuring your mind is receptive to a future world order or a false-flag yet to unfold? You may find it in your children’s cartoons designed to embrace a worldview. It may be in your tween’s music TV channel where the tween grew up watching a child role model who suddenly churning out slutty music videos (and finding fame in that). You may find it anywhere in fact, your books, novels, your social media, your blogs, your faithful socio-religious institutions, anything and everything – whatever creates thought. After all, theirs is a giant nlp machinery. 

If only the world is taught more on neuro-linguistic programming for positive purposes. Many individuals can benefit positively by embracing nlp hypnosis therapy at a personal level, if only they knew how easy it is as a do-it-yourself. It can breakdown conditioning. You can alter your mind without enduring the side-effects of drugs. It can actively assist you to sleep in peace at night. Just imagine not having to take sleep medications but instantly falling asleep and comfortably. Just imagine being free of stress. Just imagine embracing your environment without having to seek better places. It is positive mind control for your soul – to break down fears and perceptions of the mind.



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