The Axis of Crazy

We have all heard of the Axis of Evil. Those three rogue states in the world North Korea, Iran and Syria, etc. 

That was an analogy to set the scene for this thread, just like the Political axis of evil there is the axis of New age crazy evil. 

I hereby will identify them as being 

1. David Icke 
He believes the Royal family are shape shiftier reptiles and that Diana princess was gonna reveal it so they bumped her off. 

He has made millions from his talks, and road shows and comes across in his presentation like a TV evangelist. His views has been challenged on occasions on video and he becomes very defensive and upset that anyone would have the audacity to ask for some solid tangible evidence to prove his claims. 

2. Andrew D. Basiago & Alfred Lambremont Webre 
I put them down as 2 because they may as well be the same person, one is the right brain the other the left brain. They think the government is running secret time travel programs and there are human colonies on Mars. They even tried to start a new age University to have people to enroll at a nice fee to teach them this garbage. The only thing for certain about these two is that they were involved in the Mkultra project of the 1960s..remember the Mk '___' experiments, say no more they are fall out whack jobs from that program . 

3. Project Camelot 
You know companies can be set up as individual entities with the legal rights of an individual  In this new age example Project Camelot was set up as the good ship lollipop for all them stray whack jobs. Led by their flagship captain Kerry Lynn Cassidy, these colorful souls are on a Titanic trip of discovery looking for new Age ice bergs of mystery. I wont name the names of the passenger list but rest assured it reads like an all star action movie list from a remake of one flew over the Cuckoos nest. Yes they are wearing their name tags just in case they forget who they are when the director calls their name.


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