The Real Entrance to the Rabbit Hole

For about 10 years now, we have been researching, reading, talking, following and deciphering the things that are happening in these United States in an attempt to figure out who the real "powers that be" are and what the true, ultimate goal is. To say it has been difficult to navigate through this tangled web is a gross understatement but it is our current conclusion that, in this case, knowledge is not only Power but it is also Life and Freedom. 

A Muslim contact recently told us "the rabbit hole gets real deep and nothing is as it seems (beware of the man/men behind the curtain)". This contact went on to say "the masses have been purposely lulled to sleep for some time now and the plan is so enormous & mischievous it's hard to point out where it begins and even harder for some to believe what's being planned, who's planning it and who the real hand of power behind the "seen" leaders are". 

Today, we want to invite you to begin your trip down that "Rabbit Hole." A trip that will twist and turn, may leave you feeling lost and even a little afraid at times but once you reach the other side, you will experience a clarity that will provide you with a sense of peace and understanding that Webster's doesn't even have the words to describe.

Now, you may be thinking that you are already in the "Rabbit Hole" looking around and you may very well be but we have figured out that if you enter the "Rabbit Hole" from anyplace other than the true entrance, it is very easy to get turned around, lost and confused. So, if you are currently feeling like that, this is why. We must take you to the very beginning. The true entrance and from there you will be able to navigate through it with a swiftness. 

Before you embark on this journey, it is important to ask you these few, simple to answer, current events questions and it is crucial that you answer these questions, for yourself, prior to jumping in. Once you have the short answer to these questions then ask yourself...Why? The "WHY?" will be answered for you along the way.

Who is the United States currently sending "Foreign Aid" or money to? Why?

What are the things (laws/reforms) that our "President" is currently fighting diligently to implement? Why?

Which Political party is referred to as "LEFT" and which one is referred to as "RIGHT"? Why? 

Which radical group do we currently have a war on Terror waged against? Why?

Now that you have the answers to these simple questions, here is the true entrance to the "Rabbit Hole". <----- Click it to jump in. NOTE: From here every link you click will take you deeper and deeper but will also provide you more clarity as you go.



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