Man stitches computer into his arm, becomes DIY cyborg

There's a guy out there with a computer embedded in his forearm. The time of the cyborgs has officially begun. What's more, this isn't some highly-classified military program bent on the creation of super soldiers. The dude just kinda wanted a computer in his arm, so he hired a body-modification expert to cut him open and slap the bit of electronics inside.

The entire "operation" was completed entirely without anesthesia, because there's not a single doctor in the world who would have done it. That said, self-proclaimed biohacker Tim Cannon has now successfully become the world's first human computer housing — er, cyborg. He had to travel to Essen, Germany to find another human being who was both willing and capable of completing the installation.


  1. Three words to explIne this....NEW WORLD ORDER

  2. Three words for this...NEW WORLD ORDER

  3. Yeah right..its probably infected and he'll have to get it removed anyways.


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